Completed and Ongoing Projects

Ser Name of Project
Completed Project
1. Bagaihat-Masalong-Sajek Road Project
2. Chimbuk (Y Junc) - Ruma Road Project
3. Bandarban - Chimbuk Road Project
4. Khagrachari - Diginala - Bagaihat Road Project
5. Diginala - Chotomerung-Chongrachari - Longadu Road Project
6. Chittagong - Hathazari - Rangamati Road Project
7. Dhanmundi Lake Devlopment Project
8. Dhaka City Corporation Road, Footpath Devlopment Project Zone-9 (Nikunjo)
9. Manikdi Bazar - Signal Gate - Inter Service Selection Board Road Devlopment Project
10. Chimbuk - Thanchi - Diginala - Marisha Road Project
11. Shimulia - Mawa Connection Road Project
12. Improvement of Drainage System at Airside Devlopment of Land by Sand Filling at pond near 32 end of Runway and Landscaping at Both Side Runway side Strip at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Kurmitola, Dhaka
13. Rayer Bazar Grave Yard Devlopment project
14. Cox’s Bazar - Teknaf Marine Drive Project (First Phase, Second Phase and Third phase)
15. Thanchi - Alikadam Road Project
16. Bangalhalia - Rajesthali Road
17. Rangamati - Chandroghona - Bangalhalia - Bandarban Road
18. Girder Bridge - Chimbuk - Ruma Road Project
19. Geo - Bag Dumping
20. Improvement of Road Infrastructure and beautification works around Mirpur Shere-E-Bangla National Cricket Stadium and Major Road of Dhaka City Corporation
21. 20 BIR to 13 MP Footpath and Road Improvement Proj
22. Joydebpur Mymensing Road Improvement Project (WI-1& WI-2)
23. Construction of Emergency Access Road for Proposed Ferry Ghat at Shimulia
24. Scour Protection of Meghna Bridge and maintain of Meghna and Gumti bridge
25. Constr of Kashipur and Gognagar Branch Including diversion works with Baily Bridge and retrofitting
26. Protection of Ramgoti and Komolanagar Upazilla and adjacent areas under Lakshmipur district from the continuing erosion of Meghna River Project (Phase - 1) (3.5 km)
27. Teknaf - Ramu Gar - Moricha Palong Link Road Project
28. Road Improvement Project from Zia Colony to Airport Gate through Inter Service Selection Board Gate
Ongoing Project
1. Integrated Development of Hatirjhil area including Begunbari Khal
2. Joydebpur Mymensing Road Improvement Project (WI-3)
3. Excavation and Devlopment of 100’-00’’ wide khal along the both side of Purbachal Link Road (From Kuril to Balu River)
4. Utility shifting along the Route Alingment of Dhaka Elevated Expressway Project
5. Bangladesh Mayanmar Moitri Sarak (Balukhali - Gundhum) Border Road Project
6. Mohipal Flyover Project
7. Ruma - Bogalake - Keokradong Road Devlopment First Phase (Ruma - Bogalake Road Project)
8. Completion of left over work of B -1 Package of Dhaka - Chittagong 4 Lane Project at Feni, Comilla and Eliotganj
9. Mohalchari - Sindukchari - Jaliapara Road Project
10. Improvement of of Jatrabari-Intersection Babubazar Link road N-8
11. Improvement of Sylhet City by pass-sylhet garision link Shahaparan Ghate road 4 lane
12. Road Widening project from Mirpur DOHS Gate-2 to Mirpur-12 (Link to MRT-6)
13. Widening and Improvement of road from ECB Chattar to Mirpur and constr of flyover at kalshi intersection project
14. Protective work at left padma river at Mawa kandirpara area 1300m
15. Repair/Reconstr of Mukterpur Bridge
16. Drainage improvement of Dhaka-Narayangang-Demra (DND)
17. Alikadam-Jalanipara-Kurukpata-pawamohuri road proj (37.50km)
18. Bank protection work of matamuhuri river
19. Thanchi-Remakri-Mawdak-Likri road project (80 km)
20. Construction 500 meter long PC Girder changi river 10th KM
21. Flood Control & Drainage impv proj for removal of draimage congeation in Noakhali Area

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