Overall Activities

Armed Forces Division performs in the light of its allocated rules of business:

Deployment: All deployment of troops with or without any special equipment within or outside country for any operational, peace-keeping, disaster management or humanitarian assistance role - are processed through this Division. At present AFD has the following on-going operations and projects in the country:

  • Bangladesh Army
    • Counter Insurgency Operation (CIO) in CHT
    • Power station monitoring
    • Chittagong port security
    • Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf marine drive road construction
    • Abashon
    • Operation ASHAR ALO
    • Operation NOBO JATRA
    • Operation ALOR SONDHANE
  • Bangladesh Navy
    • Operation Jhatka
    • Operation Nirmul and Protirodh in the EEZ
    • Operation Bay Strip
    • Abashon
    • Salvage assistance
    • Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) building by Khulna Shipyard
  • Bangladesh Air Force
    • Operation Ashar Alo
    • Fire Fighting by helicopter

UN and Overseas Deployment: At present Bangladesh is the second largest troop contributing country in the UN missions. Bangladesh provides both civilian and military personnel to United Nations Peace Keeping Operations (UNPKO) which took off from 1988. Request for any UN assignment comes to Armed Forces Division from UN Headquarters, New York through our Permanent Representative’s office. Armed Forces Division distributes the vacancies to tri-services with intent to maintain proportionate participation on deployment of common nature. As of November 2011 total 94,880 military personnel have participated in the UN and overseas missions and 8556 personnel are currently deployed in nine(9) different missions around the world.