National Defence College (NDC)

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National Defence College (NDC) is the premier national institute of excellence on defence, security, strategic and development studies. The college is pursuing its vision since 1999 to emerge as the Centre of Excellence on strategy and development studies to meet the challenges of 21st century. The college provides an in-depth look into strategic issues and constituents of national security of Bangladesh. It endeavours to formulate befitting academic curricula for the potential policy planners, leaders and thinkers from home and abroad. The college runs three courses i.e.National Defence Course, Armed Forces War Course and Capstone Course.


National Defence College (NDC)


Aim of National Defence Course (ND Course) is to prepare selected senior officers of the armed forces, the civil services and the allied countries for taking higher responsibility in the direction and management of national security and development.


The Armed Forces War Course (AFWC) is a joint services course which focuses on operational level planning and conduct of war. The 44-weeks Course is divided into four terms. Each term is of 10 to 12 weeks. The Capstone Course on national security and strategic studies is designed to enhance knowledge, skills and networks of course members. The college allows freedom of expression following a non-attributable policy that allows for an environment of free and open inquiry, exchange of ideas and crystallization of consensus


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