Anti Piracy/ Anti Smuggling Operation

Piracy has been an act that has threatened the peace and good order at sea from ancient times and its control is identified as an accompanying element of peace. Therefore, anti piracy operations are constabulary role of a naval force involving exercise of universal jurisdiction on the high seas. Due to the geographical phenomenon of the country itself, incident of piracy is very less in Bangladeshi waters but occasional incidents of petty theft occur onboard few merchant ships and vessels.


Bangladesh Navy (BN) as lead maritime security organization always stay alert and 7 to 8 ships remain consistently deployed at sea for deterrence and encountering any piracy and smuggling incidents. Since 1985 to till date by conducting anti piracy and anti smuggling operations in coastal areas, BN has apprehended total 1403 boats, 3036 smugglers and significant amount of contraband goods worth of approx 400 crore taka. Due to relentless effort and incessant presence at sea by BN, incidents of piracy and petty theft are almost nil in Bangladeshi water recently.