Operation JATKA and Fishery Protection


Hilsha is our national fish. Immature Hilsha, below 23 cm in length is called Jatka. Harvesting Jatka is illegal according to the law, but fishermen do it indiscriminately causing scarcity of Hilsa in peak season. Since 2001, every year Bangladesh Navy conducts two operations for preservation of Hilsha fish in Bay of Bengal namely ‘OPERATION JATKA’ and ‘OPERATION MAA ELISH ROKKSHA’ under the authority of Aid to Civil Power in Bhola, Hatia, Ramgati, Barishal, Chandpur, Patharghata and adjacent coastal areas of Bangladesh. As of today Bangladesh Navy has seized total 84.08 crore meters illegal fishing nets which are worth of taka approximately 260.5 crore through these operations. In recognition to this outstanding contribution in conservation of national sea resources, Bangladesh Navy was awarded with ‘Mothsho Pokka Puroshkar 2003’ and ‘Jatio Motsho Puroshkar 2019’ by Bangladesh Government.


Besides, Bangladesh Navy (BN) remains very vibrant throughout the year against poaching, Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing and violation of any fisheries laws and regulation. Percentage of IUU fishing in our sea area has reduced significantly in recent days due to deterrent presence of BN Ships at sea round the clock.