Intelligence Directorate

Intelligence Directorate consists of three sections. These are Military & Special Operations section, Internal & External Affairs section & Media section. This Directorate is responsible for following tasks:

  •  Responsible to provide security and intelligence related directives to Armed Forces.
  •  Maintain liaison with services, joint services and national intelligence agencies on matter to Armed Forces.
  • Coordination of the function of DAs/MAs related to Armed Forces in Bangladesh Mission abroad.
  • Coordination of all 'Call On's of foreign military delegates within the Armed Forces.
  • Provide necessary clearance for foreign employment of Armed Forces persons.
  • Necessary coordination/Liaison for the telecast of Armed Forces ANIRBAN and other programs in BTV
  • Arrange publication/telecast of Special News Bulletin/Press Release in National Dailies/TV Channels.
  • All activities regarding publication of Armed Forces Day Journal and special supplement in national dailies.