Operations & Plan Directorate

Operations & Plan Directorate has four sections. These are Joint Operations Section, Foreign Affairs and Protocol Section, Joint Plan & Project Section and Communication and Information Technology Section. This Directorate is responsible for following tasks:

  • Defence policy, plans and treaty commitments.
  • Joint and Combined Operations.
  • Counter Terrorism Operations and Training 
  • Deployment of Forces in Aid of Civil Administration.
  • Disaster Management.
  • Activities with regard to Chattogram Hill Tracts.
  • Activities with regard to United Nations Mission as well as all deployments outside the country other than United Mission.
  • Formulating and implementing the Forces Goal of the Armed Forces.
  • Formulating Table of Organization and Equipments (TO&E) as per the Forces Goal as well as procurement and standardization of equipment outside the TO&E.
  • Promulgating National Air Defence Plan.
  • Coordinating various important national projects including Implementation of Asrayan/ Abashon Project.
  • Activities with regard to Communication and information Technology.
  • Arranging various Capacity building programme, workshop, seminar etc on disaster management with various stakeholders from home and abroad.
  • Counter terrorism Operations and Training.
  • Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) Operations and Training.
  • Nuclear Security and Physical Protection System.