Bangladesh Armed Forces

Armed Forces of Bangladesh consists of three uniformed military services of Bangladesh - Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy and Bangladesh Air Force.

Bangladesh Armed Forces is responsible to safeguard sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country by protecting national land, maritime, air space and national cohesion against threats emanating from within or outside. This ensures that the country can prosper in freedom and interact with the world on the basis of equality and mutual respect.

Apart from remaining prepared to safeguard the sovereignty of the country, Bangladesh Armed Forces plays a vital role in disaster management as part of overall national strategy to cope with disaster. Bangladesh Armed Forces is performing its sacred duty of maintaining peace in Chittagong hill tracks. Bangladesh Armed Forces also performs a remarkable and key role in the nation building activities.

At present, members of Bangladesh Armed Forces are deployed in nine (09) countries around the world as peacekeepers under UNDPO. Bangladesh is one of the largest troops contributing countries in the world.